Build your own website

It’s easy to create your own website with ABI. All of our hosting plans include a user friendly
website builder that lets you get your business online in just a few minutes. We have 3 cost
effective packages for you to choose from. Each hosting package gives you a number of
features to help your business grow.

Perfect for your first website.

Create your website and get online today!

The plan includes:

  • Choose from 1600 + templates to easily design
    and manage a professional site.
  • Photo album creator allows you to share photos online.
  • Blog builder to publish news and updates.
  • Promote your business with an email marketing tool.

It's simple to set up, and it won't break the bank. Plus, your content
remains yours. Get online with a Basic site, right now.

Only $10.99 /month Order Now!

Sell online right now!

Sell product or services with a professional online store.

The plan includes:

  • Easy to use store builder.
  • Site optimization tool for search engines.
  • One-page mobile site for customers on the go.
  • Social media management tool.

It’s everything you need to sell your products on your website.
Take your business to the next level, right now.

Only $21.99 /month Order Now!

Need a bigger website?

The Professional plan is for businesses looking to host larger websites
and expecting higher volumes of traffic.

The plan includes:

  • Online store to sell products and services.
  • Generous web storage and bandwidth.
  • Marketing tools such as email marketing and a
    one-page mobile site.

Help your customers find you online (instead of your competition).
It’s easy and inexpensive. Get started right now.

Only $37.99 /month Order Now!

Comparison Chart

Basic Ecommerce Professional
Pricing Get 1 month free on all yearly
Small Business Plans
$10.99/moOrder $21.99/moOrder $37.99/moOrder
When you sign up as a new Business customer,
receive 1 month free discount on all yearly plans
$118.99/yearOrder $236.99/yearOrder $415.99/yearOrder
Web Storage - Online space allocated for your website content. 6 GB 12 GB 24 GB
Web Transfer Limit - The amount of website traffic a website can receive in a month. 100GB 576GB 960GB
Business-Class Email Accounts 20 30 45
Email Box Storage - Per Email 1 GB 1GB 1GB
Setup Fee Free Free Free
Same-day Setup
99.9% Target Update Guarantee - 24/7 network monitoring guarantees an uptime of 99.9%.
24/7 Network Monitoring - Our technicians work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Site Creation/Promotion
Announcer Pro - Email Packs Per Month - Create, send and track compelling and graphic-rich email newsletters. 50 50 50
Advanced Template Gallery - Highly customizable templates for the advanced web designer.
Wordpress - Engage customers by adding a blog to your website.
Frontpage 2002 Extensions - A website building tool that requires no technical experience.
EasySiteWizard Pro - Choose from 1000+ professionally designed website templates and over 30,000 free images to create and build a more robust website.
One Page Mobile Site - A wizard that allows you to easily populate content for a one-page mobile website. -
SocialStream - Post once to multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.
Photo Album - Easily create an online photo gallery.
EasyStoreMaker Pro - Create and manage a full-featured store on your website that accepts credit card orders online. -
Secure Server (SSL) - Creates a secure connection for transferring sensitive and private data such as credit card information. -
Support for Real-time Credit Card Processing - Allows real-time and online credit card processing through the shopping cart. -
osCommerce - osCommerce is an open-source application that allows you to create an online shopping cart. We provide an application to make it easy to install. -
Autoresponder - Let customers know when you are out of the office or that you have received their email.
EasyMailSetup - A wizard tool that makes it easy to create and manage email accounts.
IMAP / Leave Mail on Server - Access email messages on a server without having to download them to a local email program such as Outlook. -
POP/SMTP - POP requires users to download messages to their hard drive/local email client such as Outlook before reading them. SMTP is the protocol used for sending email over the Internet.
Webmail - An email interface where you can access and manage email from anywhere with internet connection.
    Calendars - Personal and Shared
    Contacts - Personal and Shared
    Notes - Personal and Shared
    Tasks - Personal and Shared
Spam Filtering - Prevents unsolicited email (spam) from reaching your inbox.
Unlimited Catchall - Allows you to direct improperly addressed email sent to your domain to one email address.
Multi-Device Synchronization - Allows you to sync your smartphone to your Outlook. - -
    Sync for Outlook - -
    SyncJe for Outlook Express - -
    Sync for Blackberry - -
    Sync for iPhone - -
    Sync for Android - -
Fax-to-Email* Optional - Add-on Price Optional - Add-on Price Optional - Add-on Price
File Management
Access to Log Files
Database Manager
Disk Usage Meter
DNS Manager
File Manager
File Restore
FTP Manager
Anonymous FTP -
Log Management
Secure Shell (SSH)
Web Stats - Track who visits your site, how they got there, and what pages they viewed.
Website Security
Supported Technologies
ASP (Active Server Pages) -
ColdFusion MX -
JSP Support* - Optional Optional
MS Access
MS SQL Support* - Optional Optional

* Extra fees apply